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Awalnya, Jo Tae Sik sangat semangat untuk menangkap para penjahat.

  • While Jung-je did run her over, he spent the next twenty years conflicted by a weak memory of what happened that night, thereby questioning whether he really did run Yu-yeon over or not.

  • I am really impressed with its coexistence of permanence and instantaneity.

  • Korean media reported that her agency confirmed her death and that her funeral is scheduled to take place today Aug 18.

This investigation results in more people related to the case mysteriously dying.

  • She has had roles in many popular dramas and movies, and gained a lot of love from viewers and the public.

  • Aktor asal Gimhae, Korea Selatan, ini bernama.

  • However, the meaning underneath the pieces are intimately connected with my wish to travel all around the world.

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