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They want to know if plans are being made for marriage and so on.

  • Virginia Clara Jones, Ginny or Mayo, Virginia was an American actor.

  • Read more about Loulie Jean Norman Loulie Jean Norman March 12, 1913 Birmingham-August 2, 2005 Los Angeles also known as Lulie Jean Norman was an American singer, actor and voice actor.

  • Maria Thayer Body Measurements Thayer has a large number of fans all over the world.

Read more about June Lang June Lang May 5, 1917 Minneapolis-May 16, 2005 Valley Village also known as Winifred June Vlasek or June Vlasek was an American actor.

  • They stayed together for several years and got engaged later.

  • She is most likely to be remembered for her role in the iconic 1970 film as the waitress who refuses to allow 's character to order a side of wheat toast.

  • She studied acting at the acting school.

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