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CAA Agent and Collector Thao Nguyen Reveals the Art Exhibits to See as L.A. Reopens

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Music, the way it reaches people and transcends divisions, is a really effective and powerful forum.

  • After we settled in San Diego and the children were in school, mom found work at a convalescent hospital.

  • There, she was involved in both basic science and clinical research and has presented at various national and international orthopaedic meetings.

  • I think he had all of his natural hair, but for the sake of the story I gave him a toupee.

That couple was mom and dad.

  • If I get sick, I will make hot tea with lemon and cayenne, and it will cure me.

  • Dad made us learn English in addition to our studies.

  • The two later announced a 2010 North American tour, billed under the name Thao and Mirah with the Most of All.

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