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Mrs bum bum

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Brazil's finest assets on show: Country unveils the 27 women set to compete in its annual Miss Bum Bum contest

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We will post all the candidate profiles here and all of their updates up to the November 15 deadline.

  • Her career as a fitness model could now be taken to the next level ÔÇö one step closer to achieving her dream.

  • The calendar was published in December 2016, featuring the 2016 winner Erika Canela on the cover.

  • She worked hard to achieve the physique she wanted.

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  • She has more than 798,000 followers on Instagram.

  • What one thing unites campus, community, and over 100 years of Jackrabbits? She entered the Miss Bumbum contest will studying to be an administrator.

  • Just makes Uncle Martian seem like that much more of an asshole.

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