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′Fack Ju Göhte:′ Trademark or insult?

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Fack ju Göhte

Göhte porn ju fack

Göhte porn ju fack

Göhte porn ju fack

Göhte porn ju fack

Göhte porn ju fack

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  • I also like to check has the movie got any awards.

  • This clearly indicates that the German-speaking public does not consider Fack Ju Göhte to be morally unacceptable.

  • Although the title intentionally uses poor grammar and spelling, the understanding is that it's an English phrase that is obscene, and the curse is directed at a famous poet.

In order to establish whether that is the case, the examination is to be based on the perception of a reasonable person with average thresholds of sensitivity and tolerance, taking into account the context in which the mark may be encountered and, where appropriate, the particular circumstances of the part of the Union concerned.

  • However, this does not mean that the German-speaking public would perceive the German wording in the same way.

  • Filming in Berlin was done, among other places, on the and in an apartment block area in.

  • In fact, the relevant regulations expressly emphasise the need to apply fundamental rights and freedoms — in particular, freedom of expression — in the trademark examination process.

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