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Furthermore, her face was never fully visible and all images of her were posterized, giving her a stylized, unreal look.

  • In this case, Carmen Sandiego is a thief trained by V.

  • Now, Carmen travels the world with her gang as an international thief opposing the plans of V.

  • In the later games developed under and , the character's appearance was rebooted so that she wore a grayish black under her trench coat, with the stripe on her fedora changed to match, and more practical footwear.

In 2019, Netflix created the Carmen Sandiego animated series to tell her origin story.

  • This was consistently maintained for over a decade, with one of the protagonists of being Carmen's former partner.

  • Contestants pursue the international thief as junior detectives who must answer questions about geography.

  • Agency to Classify and Monitor Evildoers to find Carmen and uncover her link to V.

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