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Freddie: We should have been the ones to look after her, without anyone else butting in.

  • In a later episode, Isabella drugs and gags Guy before tying him to her bed, and even later, Guy strokes her hair in a surprisingly intimate gesture.

  • He racked up championship defenses, including the 51st State, Fest Wrestling and Freelance Legacy titles, His Twitch channel blew up thanks to his weekly independent wrestling showcase Monday Not Raw.

  • When Effie was 12, Ruskin was 22 and befriended the pretty young girl, even writing a book for her.

A rickshaw knocks Freddie off his bike.

  • Michelle's comment below only came after the fact.

  • Or in Freddie's episode, Naomi's analysis of Hamlet.

  • I mean, kick your bike and yell! We learn that everything Freddie does is either late or inadequate, or both.

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