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Indulge in the perfect winter's day treat and escape to the snow-fringed fjords of Norway with The Christmas Lights, a delicious tale full of drama and mystery, heartache and hope by Sunday Times bestseller Karen Swan.

  • In 2017, Burr began pursuing a career in acting, and has since had guest roles in series such as Bulletproof and Holby City, as well as the 2019 film Hurt by Paradise.

  • Her ego is too massive to ever admit failure.

  • Inside the magazine, she talks vlogging, keeping her marriage out of the public eye, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, a condition that she has suffered from since she was seven.

Also, whenever she feels that she has piled on some extra fat, she starts incorporating different diet plans in her dietary intake.

  • Also I'll be doing reviews to give people some help on what to buy and what not to buy.

  • She will appear in the film Twist.

  • By the time she has to identify the final charm, Laura's metamorphosis is almost complete.

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